Volunteers are vital to our work, they encourage people in their area or community to support our work and fundraise for us. We need people to give a little of their time and skills, for example speaking to organizations such as Schools, Local Companies, Faith Groups, Clubs, Youth Groups etc. Volunteers are a real driving force. Without them, African Women’s Aid Network simply couldn’t help so many East African families leave poverty each day.
Being a comparatively new organization we simply don’t have enough volunteers and so need more across the UK to help us raise money, increase awareness and run events. If you decide to join the team, we will do our best to give you the support, training, resources and advice needed (and you will probably make some new friends too!)

Local Connection Reps

Local Connections support our work by carrying out regular fundraising for us as well as helping to organise event stands, distributing our literature and when possible encouraging local groups to invite an Ambassador to speak to them.


Faith Group Reps

If you belong to a Church, Mosque or, another faith group then this could be the role for you. We are looking for Faith Group Representatives to encourage their Group to support African Women’s Aid Network through prayer and financial support. If you’d like to an event we will try to support you to help your congregation engage with poverty in Africa. In the areas where we work the largest faith groups Christian & Muslim.



We need enthusiastic and outgoing people to inspire others which in turn will help raise vital funds in their community. As an Ambassador you will give presentations to schools, Faith Groups, clubs and business telling them how they can help changes a life of poverty into one that is sustainable for a Woman in East Africa. Having a stand at a local event or organising some fundraising events themselves.


Area Co-ordinators

We are also looking for caring & committed people to take on the senior volunteering role of Area Coordinators in several locations across the country. This role involves finding & recruiting Ambassadors, Faith group Reps and general volunteers and then leading and providing support and encouragement to them; helping to interview new volunteers; organising regional meetings; and liaising with our Main Office to ensure everyone gets the support they need.
Brice Burgum will help to support any volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please complete the form below and we will get in touch with you.