Our Mission



Our Mission is to enable and empower those women, often with children, who are in the most difficult situations as a result of poverty, HIV, Abuse, disablement and other horrific events. We aim to help them to improve their lot by becoming self sustaining or becoming part of a support group. This enables them to leave poverty for good.
We work with ex LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) child soldiers, victims of the war with the LRA (Uganda) the disabled, the old, those with HIV, those in dreadful poverty in slums, orphans and abused women and children. At all times our work is ethical & environmentally sound. We do not preach, proselytise or become involved in politics.
We achieve our aims through constant dialogue with the beneficiaries to form projects, using seed capital, micro finance and project funding. Theseprojects vary in size according to need. However we aim for each project to become self sustaining over a period of 6 months to 2 years.

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