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A quick hello :)

Hello, Welcome to our blog where we will keep you updated with all our current projects….Hopefully we will have a lot of positive work carrying on into 2013 and will be uploading more videos where you can ‘meet’ some of the women in Africa.

Our Mission

  Our Mission is to enable and empower those women, often with children, who are in the most difficult situations as a result of poverty, HIV, Abuse, disablement and other horrific events. We aim to help them to improve their lot by becoming self sustaining or becoming part of a support group. This enables them […]

Welcome to African Women’s Aid Network

Welcome to African Women’s Aid Network

Our aim is to ensure that every hard earned penny that we receive works hard and benefits those we seek to help in a long term self sustaining way. There are no fat salaries or smart offices in our organisation. We are a group of hard working and committed individuals who care deeply about others.